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Even if your happiness is fleeting, your anger is melting away, or you are in limbo, good will always be good. Goodness never changes or folds. I say that to say this... even if you feel alone, even if you feel tired or saddened by your circumstances, putting good forward and paying it forward will remain so. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what we feel, and we might not always do our best, but we’re constantly trying. That’s the key; the effort. Effort counts as much success does. This is for everyone that’s stuck in between. Stuck in the pitfalls, stuck feeling there is no way out. This is for everyone who has moments of pride, moments of fear, days of sadness, and months where they feel like complete failures. All we can do, is just all we can do. The feelings will come... and they’ll go as they came. Sometimes they’ll over stay their visit - but storms don’t last forever. Storms will pass and GOOD WILL REMAIN GOOD. 

  • Lining: 100%
  • Textile, Sole: 100% Vulcanized Rubber
  • Upper: 100% Canvas.
  •  Shoes will be shipped with a 100% canvas drawstring bag, replacing the box.
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